New Album, New Style

August 2, 2014

New EP release from Lion, the Uncommon Samurai.

Filling in the blank space between major releases with an EP showcasing a whole new approach to creating and playing music.

You can buy and listen to the album via bandcamp and you can see videos of Lion creating a couple tracks on the album via YouTube.

New Site & New Artist

February 26, 2014


After a mix-up with web hosting and eventual switching of hosts, This website has been completely redesigned (along with a redesigned logo). The site now has a better music section, artist pages and has been designed to be enjoyed on your mobiles.

Along with redesigning, we’ve picked up a new artist. A Taiwanese Musician & Producer by the name Long Nek. He’s a talented electronic musician who with even a limited setup creates aural landscapes that gives flight to the mind.

There are also albums being worked on right now, from all current JUST Muziq artists as well as other artists currently in talks with the label at the moment. More information will be posted as these projects come further along in progress.